Tickets are Booked


January 17, 2013 by tvo320

My flights have been finalized and I can give a BIG sigh of relief! WOO HOO! Hip Hip Hooray! It’s so hard when making the call on when exactly to book. Searching is always the easy part? I had many factors that needed to be considered before making the final decision but one of the biggest things I had to consider was housing!

I have been advised to wait until I am in Australia before finding permanent accommodations. With the high cost of living in Australia, I want to make sure I see exactly where I will be living before signing any contracts and also give myself enough time to secure housing before gradate school begins.

Fortunately, my Rotary host counselor has so graciously offered to let me stay with them for a few days as I sort all the details of my life! I could not be more thankful for Rotary because of this. I am much more at ease and so excited knowing that they will be greeting me at the airport in Brisbane once I arrive.

Before my super long (16 hours to be exact) flight, I will be spending a few days in LA to see my awesome sister, Lonnie, and one of my best friends, Jenni! It’ll be nice to have all my luggage packed and just enjoy my last few days in America.

I’ll be flying United and will definitely tell you how the flight is. Until that happens, my printed eTickets are patiently waiting.



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