Farewell Fort Smith

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January 30, 2013 by tvo320

These past few months have been truly a time of cleaning, organizing, and reflecting. I have been so lucky to spend quality time with my parents and Sam as well as meet a group of awesome gym friends!

I will miss my Zumba, HIIT, and Body Shop classes every morning. Thankfully, my instructor Angie told me she would send e-mails of what they are doing in class so I won’t miss out. 😉 My gym friends have been a great source of support for me. They don’t even know how much. I have always struggled with my weight and I finally decided to take a hold of my health this past year. I started with a personal trainer, Kristin who was phenomenal. I highly recommend her if you are in the Nashville area. After working with her one-on-one, I shed 15 pounds. Then, I joined Mercy Fitness and found challenging classes and encouraging gym friends! When I received a compliment, it gave me even more motivation to work harder! Thank you to each and every person in the photo below. You ladies and Sean rock.

My Wonderful Gym Friends!

My Wonderful Gym Friends!

Seeing the way society is going about raising children these days, I thank my lucky stars the way my parents raised me. They are the hardest working and most sacrificial people I know. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have had all these opportunities in the first place. They taught me to earn everything through hard work and determination. They also taught me that in a world of takers, be a giver. Nothing worth having or achieving is easy to attain. Thank you Mom and Dad for being awesome parents and raising me to become the person that I am. I will miss seeing you both and helping with various house projects!

My Lovely Parents

My Lovely Parents

I am also going to miss Sam oh so much! He created a list for things for us to do and I am pretty sure we were able to complete nearly all of it. We tried out several different restaurants in town but we kept coming back to R&R Curry Express. Then, we visited several breweries and distilleries that has resulted in an awesome collection of glasses. We also took a little getaway trip to Las Vegas because everyone needs a fun adventure in their life. I loved the fun house projects we were able to complete. The best thing though was just spending time together. Can’t wait for you to visit me down under!

Sam and I

Sam and I

I am going to miss spending time in the Fort but never fear, I will be returning this summer for my ten year Southside High School reunion!

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