First Brisbane Yelp Elite Event!


February 13, 2013 by tvo320

The Nashville Yelp Community is incredible and I have been so lucky to be part of it. I decided to check if Yelp had crossed the waters into Australia! Lucky for me, Yelp launched in Australia and even more importantly, Brisbane, at the end of 2011.

I started a little conversation on the site and had a fantastic response from other Yelpers in the Brisbane area and Lani P., Brisbane Community Manager was one of the first to reach out to me! Things were lined in the stars because they were having their first Elite Event on Valentine’s Eve and I was invited. The location was Lust for Life in Fortitude Valley and all I knew was that it was an expresso bar/breakfast joint/art gallery/tattoo parlor.

Yelp Rocks!

It’s Neat to be Elite!

The event was super fun! Everyone was friendly and welcoming. When we first entered, we were given Name Tags and three free adult drink tickets! WOO HOO! I was able to taste Hills Cider which only started in 2010 in the Adelaide Hills by Steve Dorman and Tobias Kline. I am proud to say that my dear friend Sebastian has already taken me to the Adelaide Hills where there are many wineries! I am NOT surprised in the slightest that we would be trying Hills Cider Company products because they philosophy is just like Yelps- support local, drink local. The cider is made from 100% fresh Australian farmed fruit. I was lucky to taste the apple and pear. Apple wins. They also had Yalumba’s pinot grigio available as well.

Lust for Life

Lust for Life

Lani was so awesome and made sure everyone was having a great time at the event. She came by to give us goodies and connect people with one another. Treshna, the Melbourne Community Manager (CM) was also there! It’s pretty much imperative that you must be awesome to be a CM. I miss Marcia in Nashville so much and can’t thank her enough for welcoming me into Yelp’s Elite Circle.

Lani and I

Lani and I

We were also given some light bites of Red Kitchen Girls cupcakes and red velvet cake pops as well as pork and vegetarian steamed dumplings from Steamed. The mini cupcakes were the perfect size and moist. I loved the sparkling sprinkles on top too!

Yelp Goodies!

Red Kitchen Girls Cake Pops and Yelp Goodies!

In the middle of the room, they provided two still life set-ups for you to draw! One of of a violin with a skull and the other side has a Japanese curtain and fruit basket with a dinosaur on top. It was so much fun watching everyone draw. I have no skills there so it was nice to just observe.

Still Life Set-Up

Still Life Set-Up

Truth be told, I met four other Americans at the Elite Event: Frank, Kristin, Tammy, and Julie! 🙂 They were all so nice and I hope to see them again. It was so so great to meet new friends and I have already been asked out on a fro you date with Teagan! She’s been to everyone Elite event except one. Impressive! She’s taking her boyfriend to NY for three weeks in May and I have convinced her to head down South next time she visit the States!

Teagan and I

Teagan and I

I loved the decor, especially this Japanese piece of furniture. I actually wish I could buy it off them and take it home with me. If anyone wants to make me the happiest gal in the world, give this to me one day when I have a house.

Lust for Life

Lust for Life

They also have space for art and I really loved what they were currently exhibiting. I met Mel, their curator who also has her own gallery. I loved listening to her and how she was trying to promote local artists to show here in Brisbane instead of feeling that they HAD to go to Sydney!

Lust for Life Art Gallery

Lust for Life Art Gallery

Lust for Life Art Gallery

Lust for Life Art Gallery

Lust for Life Art Gallery

Lust for Life Art Gallery

Alas, all good things must come to an end and I had to make my train back home to Petrie! Lani goes, “This was your welcome party to Brisbane!” and indeed, I felt super welcome and excited about living in Brisbane. Yelpers are fantastic people and I am so lucky to be part of this community. Thank you for making my transition a happy and Yelpy one!


2 thoughts on “First Brisbane Yelp Elite Event!

  1. Sebastian says:

    Terry; awesome that you got a chance to try Adelaidian produce in the form of cider… very nice. I note you mention the world YELP a lot, what is it? I found lots of different meanings. Let me know!

    • tvo320 says:

      Seabass! I was SO happy to try out the tasty and refreshing cider. Thank you for mentioning that. Yelp is a website that is real reviews by real people. It started in the US and came to Australia in November 2011. Check it out and tell me what you think! I hope that you’ll start yelping like me.

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