Valentine’s Play Date

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February 14, 2013 by tvo320

After a long day of traveling all around Brisbane in search of a home, Sandy picked me up at Petrie Train Station. We then headed over to her daughter, Rochelle’s house to have a Valentine’s play date with Rochelle’s three children: Julian, Constance (Koko), and Eli. They are aged six, four, and nearly two respectively. When we first arrived, Koko and Eli were a bit shy but after about five minutes, they were ready to play with me!

Eli loves all types of balls and Koko loves to dance and is taking ballet. Eli is in a mimicking stage so he got down on the ground and lifted one leg high up in the air like his sister! I wish that I had captured that on camera because watching him was such a hoot. Koko had just received a bike for her 4th birthday and had training wheels on them. She could ride from one side of the house to the other but would get off the bike, turn it around, and get back on to ride again. I helped her with her turn and after a few times, she was able to do it herself! She was over the moon to show her mother when she came home from picking up Julian.

Darling Koko

Darling Koko

Julian is currently taking a six week session of soccer and was full of questions for me! He wanted us to catch bugs so we did that for quite awhile and were able to find three yellow lady bugs. Koko spotted them and Julian caught them. I was there to oversee all operations and capture it on camera.

Yellow Lady Bug

Yellow Lady Bug

Julian with our lady bugs!

Julian with our lady bugs!

The bug that got away

The grasshopper that got away.

Koko in the garden

Koko in the garden

After catching bugs, we played with bubbles for who knows how long. I blew the bubbles while they chased them all over the yard. The bigger the bubbles; the louder their laughter! Before we knew it, it was dinner time and Koko and Julian both asked if they could sit next to me. Julian asked me several questions such as “Do you know what a mossy (mosquito) is?” and “Have you been staying at different houses every night?”

Koko was so excited and kept showing me her plate and how quickly she was eating her food. She grabbed my arm and was saying lots of things but then all of a sudden, she goes, “I Love You!” I was so taken by surprise that I nearly teared up right at the dinner table. Her sweet sweet gesture and words just melted my heart. I tried to compose myself and told her, “I Love You Too!” She just smiled back at me and I wish I could have held on to that moment. Thank you Koko for being such an angel. I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter Valentine Play Date.

Koko and I

Koko and I

Julian and I with our bug collection.

Julian and I with our bug collection.


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