O Week Market Day!

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February 21, 2013 by tvo320

What a day! The University of Queensland has been talking up Market Day and I completely know WHY now. 🙂 The entire campus was flooded with over 50,000 undergraduate students, postgraduate, and staff. The great court was filled with tents, sumo wrestling matches, live music, volleyball courts, photo booths, and so much more.

Market Day on St. Lucia Campus

Market Day on St. Lucia Campus

Here’s a breakdown of what I did:

1.) Joined the Japanese Wasabi Club! I’m excited to practice Japanese again and make new friends. They have conversation classes Monday and Thursday and host various events such as karaoke and cooking class. やった。

Wasabi Club Membership Card

Wasabi Club Membership Card

2.) Joined the Vietnamese Student Association Club, UQ Dance Club, and purchased my L Card. The Vietnamese Student Association card also gives me discounts to select asian restaurants in the area. Then, the L Card gives me discounts to various clubs, restaurants, and retail shops. It’s amazing how many offers there are. I hope that I actually save the amount of money I spent on all the memberships today. 🙂

A few of the cards I purchased today!

A few of the cards I purchased today!

3.) Participated in my first ever pizza eating contest with Pizza Caffe. Yes, you read that correctly. There’s a video lurking somewhere… 😉

4.) Picked up my student agenda/planner/diary! It’s awesome and I can’t wait to use it. It is filled with random facts like pogonophobia is the fear of beards.

UQ Student Planners Provided to us!

UQ Student Planners

5.) Picked up a lot of freebies and even had a caricature made of me! My friends and I waited in line forever but it was definitely worth it. We all wanted to decorate our rooms with some art. The artist was so friendly and included a koala without knowing it was my favorite animal! She rocks! Can’t wait to frame it. Does anyone have any fun and creative ways to frame and hang it?


Willemijn, Kanae, and I


I’m going to turn into a surfer!

6.) Last but definitely not least, the day couldn’t end without Wil, Kanae, and I taking a few photos in the photo booth! 🙂 I love how international we are. The three of represent three different countries the Netherlands, Japan, and the USA. The international community is alive and well here and I can’t wait to learn about so many different cultures. In the fourteen days I have been in Australia, I have met friends from eleven countries: Australia, Denmark, Ecuador, Indonesia, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Russia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. It’s going to be a great year at the University of Queensland. I just know it!

Photo Booth Pics!

Photo Booth Pics!


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