Rotary: Pine Rivers Visit

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June 18, 2013 by tvo320


My host club, Rotary Club of Pine Rivers welcomed me back to the club from my semester absence! I’ve had class every Tuesday evening which has prevented me from coming to the meetings regularly. It was really nice to be able to give an end of the semester presentation after being trapped in my room or uni library for the past few weeks completing my semester finals. My absence from the blog usually happens because I need to dedicate countless hours to my beloved course readers and preparing for my assignments and finals (essays). I’ve written over 20,000 words this semester which has been a hurdle, especially after being removed from the academic world for a few years.


My presentation touched on the similarities and differences between Australian and US Political Systems. A few similarities are that both political systems have a parliament composed of two houses where the House is popularly elected and the Senate represents the States equally. Some of our differences are minor but there is one I found quite intriguing. While the US is a Republic, Australia is a constitutional monarchy. There has been a move for Australia to become a Republic but it hasn’t worked out quite yet. Members of the Australia House of Representatives serve three-year terms whereas US members of the House only serve two-year terms. The biggest surprise I learned was that voting is compulsory in Australia but voluntary in the US. If Australians do not vote, they are subject to a $20 penalty and must explain why they did not vote. If, within 21 days, they do not reply with a valid reason or declined to pay the penalty, then they can be taken to court where the fine increase to $50 plus court costs!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also touched on highlights from my favorite Rotary activities of the semester that included the District Conference and the Rotary Peace Fellows Seminar which you can read more about on my blog. Then, I shared with my host club about how I became a Brisbane International Student Ambassador and a few of the events we had participated in over the past few months. Last but not least, I shared a list of 10 things I had learned since being in Straya. I thought I would share it with you all as well!

  1. How QueensLAND is pronounced.
  2. Mate is commonly used
  3. How to Hail a bus
  4. Rock melons are cantaloupes
  5. Grocery stories close early on Saturdays
  6. Being a fair dinkum is a good thing
  7. What a rissole is!
  8. State of Origin is a BIG DEAL.
  9. Tamworth and Nashville just became Sister Cities
  10. I need more time here!

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