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August 16, 2013 by tvo320

Some encounters really change your path and fortunately for me, I had one recently that was truly God sent. I have been looking for a church to attend in Brisbane and visited Hillsong with Lonnie when she came for a visit. We had a great time but the distance and the limited public transportation to and from church was going to be a challenge. I tried to sign up for a small group but no one called. By the time I received a phone call, I was heading home for the winter break so things just didn’t work out.

My Angels!

My Angels!

Come Market Day at the beginning of second semester, I wanted to take photos in the photo booth with my friend JP. The queue didn’t seem that long so we decided to stand in line and then three people came up right behind us. We then realized that Guzman Y Gomez were handing out free burritos and what student is going to say ‘No’ to free burritos. Our groups decided to split so that one would hold the line and the others would get their free burritos. Henry and I stayed in line and struck up a conversation.

I noticed that all three of them were wearing the same tee shirts and decided to ask him about it. He told me that it was from a church event. Turns out UQ has a church on campus called Hope Church and they meet on Sunday afternoons. I shared with him how I was looking for a church to attend and he asked for my number so he could invite me to join them sometime. Henry really meant it and invited me to church! I could not be more thankful to Henry for his invitation. I am so happy to share that I have a church that I can attend regularly now.

The entire group!

The entire UQ3 Life Group!

Another blessing is that the church focuses on life groups so that you can grow in your faith within a smaller community. I was invited to UQ3 and they have been so welcoming. It’s so refreshing to see so many believers in one place and be encouraged by their joyful hearts, positivity, and stories! We recently had an 80’s night with dance offs, skits, and commercials but the best part were the testimonies. All of us have hardships throughout our lives and it can be so difficult to share sometimes. I was humbled by Jessica and GT who shared how God had worked in their lives. I was reminded how God wants to be part of every part of my life, both the good and the bad. My journey of faith and improving my relationship with God happens one day at a time. In a recent lesson, we discussed how it was important to work at being faith-filled in order to be faithful. There will definitely be tougher days than others but thankfully I am not alone in my journey, God and UQ3 is right there with me. Thank you God for bringing these special people into my life.

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