Poem: “Sister”


August 20, 2013 by tvo320

My lovely sister Lonnie surprised me with a poem and I just had to share! I love you Lonnie and it still brings me to tears reading the words and realizing that you wrote a poem about little ole me. If it wasn’t for my parents taking my siblings and I back to Vietnam when we were younger and Lonnie’s encouragement to explore the world by studying abroad once I headed off to uni, I wouldn’t be here in Australia right now. When you dream big and believe in yourself and have others who believe in you and your big dreams, life will take you places you never imagined. Enjoy the poem!


Oh dear, it’s got a hold on her
Her passion for traveling has got her stirring
She craves the next moment to be set free
To just be sittin’ and sippin’ on Masala chai tea

“I’m in Tokyo now”, she says to me
“But tomorrow I’ll be climbing Mt. Fuji”
She laughs; you can hear the sound in her voice
To hear her experience, to experience such joy

She sees the world like no one dares
And challenges people with love and care
Strangers drawn to her fun affairs
Even the ones that are “oh, contrar”

She talks a mile a minute away to me
About her passion, her love, the life she leads
Chatting with her you can’t help but be
Swept up by her exuberant personality

“The sugar cane, the pho, the desserts there”
She makes you want to book the next airfare
Her contagious energy, now I can see
How she would long for it to be

“The travel, the adventure, I can’t let go”
“The travel bug has got me so”
“Must I choose love or be set free”
“How can I possibly end this journey?”

I have no doubt she’ll be home one day
But how can I keep her, what can I say
For she must choose her life long path
For the moment is now, and will not last!

-Lonnie Le


2 thoughts on “Poem: “Sister”

  1. Aimee Ramos says:

    This is a beautiful poem written about a beautiful person! We miss you Terry Vo! We love to hear about your travels and your adventures, and secretly live vicariously through you. Maybe when Sofia gets older, Luis and I can travel with her and show her the world. You are an inspiration!

    • tvo320 says:

      Thank you SO much Aimee for stopping by my blog and reading Lonnie’s poem. I promise to fill you with many more stories in the coming weeks!! I am about to do some major updating on my blog. I have NO doubt that you and Luis will take Sofia to see the beautiful world we live in. When you all go, let me know if I can help in any way!!

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