BISA: Riverlife Adventure Center

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September 9, 2013 by tvo320

Riverlife Adventure Center has several outdoor activities to choose from whether you’re more of an adventurous type or would rather stay closer to the ground. I had the option of choosing between rock climbing, kayaking, abseiling or stand up paddle boarding. I decided to challenge myself and go abseiling because I had never done it before. Another great thing about all of these activities is that no experience is necessary. Riverlife provides highly qualified instructors and all the necessary equipment you need such as a helmet and harness.

Abseiling is when you go down the 20 metre high Kangaroo Point Cliffs vertically. It’s like rock climbing but backwards. You are your own controller with the brake in your right hand so you can go as fast or slow as you’d like. You can also stay put on the cliffs and take in the amazing views of the river and the city right behind your shoulders. I loved my experience and became braver the further I went along… or was it because I was getting closer to the ground? While I was scaling the cliffs, I heard my name and it was my fellow Brisbane International Student Ambassadors, Paul and Ebhrahim were supporting and cheering me on! It was a pleasant surprise that gave me the final boost to make it to the bottom.

The $45 session allows you to go abseiling twice where climbing the stairs back up to the top of the cliffs was the most strenuous part of the whole experience. Each session has about 10-15 people in the group so you do have to wait but it helps to ease your nerves especially if you’re a beginner. You are just required to wear enclosed shoes and comfortable clothing. Since I have long hair, I had to tie it back so that it wouldn’t get stuck in the rope. Today, I learned something new and did something I never thought I would. I had never even heard of abseiling and now I am capable and can share this outdoor activity with others! Is there something new you learned today or did you do something you never thought you would? I’d love to hear your story!


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