BISA: Moreton Island Adventure

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September 16, 2013 by tvo320


If you have not booked a trip with Moreton Island Adventures‘ yet, do it stat. I just came back from ‘glamping‘ (glamorous camping) and had the best time!!! Glamping is when your tents are already prepped and stocked with a queen size bed and/or bunk beds, sheets, towels, and more. Depending on what package you purchase, your glamping experience can include meals and add-on excursions such as snorkeling to make your weekend getaway even more unforgettable.

We were greeted on the boat with morning tea in a reserved seating area! The ferry from the Brisbane Port to Moreton Island is about 75 minutes. Then, we hopped off the boat and landed on paradise. We had a private 4WD vehicle to take us around the entire weekend with our incredible host, Grant! He was awesome and made the weekend super fun. He’s one the best tour guides I have ever had. Our first order of business was to learn how to sand board at The Desert. The weather conditions were pretty good, slightly windy. I was definitely nervous at first but after being taught to keep my legs together and arms up and out like a chicken, I raced down the hill. That’s the super fun part. Don’t smile though or you’ll eat a mouthful of sand. The tough part is having to climb the steep hill back up to the top. We even had five of us stacked on top of each other and made it successfully downhill!

After learning how to sand board in the desert, we had sandwiches and fruit on the beach before going for a dip in the Blue Lagoon! The water felt so wonderful and the guys were flipping each other in the air and many of us were testing out our underwater cameras. Everyone in our group is so lively that makes wherever we go non-stop fun! We decided to tour more of the island and head to the lighthouse and cliffs. When you climb up to the lighthouse, I hope that you visit when the pink flowers are blooming because they smell like vanilla and are so beautiful! Make sure and stop to smell them. The cliffs give you an awesome lookout of Moreton Island and just how far the island stretches.

After a full day, we decided to head to Castaways but ran into a little trouble on the way! One of our tires blew out a few miles away from our final destination but we were rescued by Grant’s fellow colleagues. They told us to board the van so we could relax and they’d bring our vehicle and bags shortly. We ended the evening by cooking dinner together, singing songs by the campfire and night caps on the beach!

The next morning, we went snorkeling at the shipwrecks area of the island. We had excellent snorkeling equipment provided for us and we set off on a group tour! I’m not the strongest swimmer but managed to take some sweet underwater photos of friends and fish. Diego, the Spanish BISA caught a fish with his bare hands! After snorkeling, we spent the rest of the day playing soccer, laying out in the sun, and relaxing until it was time for us to head back to Brisbane. Let it be known that not one soul wanted to return. It was the best weekend getaway filled with unforgettable memories from beginning to end. I hope that if you come to Brisbane that you make time for Moreton Island. Thank you to Moreton Island Adventures for the best BISA getaway trip. We can’t wait to come back.

To check out the awesome glamping photos, click here!


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