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October 20, 2013 by tvo320


Every time I receive an e-mail from Yelp Brisbane, I know that an opportunity awaits to explore a new part of Brisbane with fellow Yelp Elite members. This month, we went on a guided photo walking tour around West End and South Bank with Brisbane photographer, Todd Hunter McGaw of Giddy Up Camera Club.

We all met at Tazza Coffee and Lani hadn’t arrived yet so I asked the waitress about the Yelp event we were having. Todd overheard me and invited me to join him while we waited. We chatted about various things and found out that we both have a common love for Japan! Soon after, we were on our way out to begin our walking adventure.

Many of us, including myself use our camera phones to take photos but I am still old school and carry a ‘real’ camera with me. Todd wanted to show us how to make the most of our iPhone cameras and gave us some cool photo apps to play with such as Snapseed, After Light, Vscocam, Filter storm, and Beautiful Mess.

I learned several new techniques while taking photos, especially from different angles. With lighting, it’s important to find the shadow line because the closer you are to the shadow line, the better the photos. My favorite trick that I learned was the ‘hand test.’ Ask me next time you see me. I will show you! It’s important to make sure that the light should be even and nice.

After being out in the sun for awhile, we were ready for lunch at The Burrow. They have a great selection of beers, ciders, wine, soft drinks, and coffee. I had a Cheeky Rascal Apple & Raspberry which was nice but didn’t beat Matso’s Mango & Desert Lime or any of Rekorderlig Ciders (my two favorite ciders)! The Burrow’s homemade peppermint & earl grey iced tea, muddled with lemon & mint, with pink grapefruit & ginger syrup was also super nice. I recommend that when you are wanting something refreshing or needing a break from alcohol. The Amethyst Moon salad with rocket, hazelnuts, candied beetroot, and goats cheese was delicious. We had several pizzas but the stand out was the Barbarossa that was topped with Turkish style lamb, red onion, capsicum & mushrooms finished with quinoa tabouleh & garlic yoghurt dressing on a hummus base. Yummy!

The day was super super fun and I loved getting new ideas for when I take photos of the beautiful things and people in my life. Check out my newly acquired “skilled” photography here!


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