BISA: NE Asia Potluck

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October 25, 2013 by tvo320

ne potluck

The BISA Potluck Series has been phenomenal and tonight’s potluck took us to North East Asia. Our hosts were Alice and Hannah (China), Sing (Hong Kong), Ryoko (Japan), and Kelly and Kyu Mo (South Korea) who made several dishes from scratch or as close as they could. They wanted us to taste the delicacies from each of their respective countries.

We often have the potluck at someone’s house but this time, the venue was at Roma Parklands. Thank goodness Sing came early so he could reserve us a table. The Parklands is a very popular place for organizations or groups to have BBQs and gatherings.

This particular evening was bittersweet as the potluck was doubling as a farewell for Ryoko as well. She is our Brisbane International Student Ambassador from Japan but was accepted on a study abroad exchange to Mexico and would be leaving soon. We got her a little gift and signed a card with messages from all of us. Our group is filled with brilliant people and I am so lucky to know them. They have many talents in different areas that fortunately includes cooking!

The food has always been great and tonight was no exception. A few of my favorites were Ryoko’s chirashi sushi and Kelly and Kyo Mo’s jobche! I loved eating chirashi sushi when I lived in Japan and it was so nice to bite into that memory while at the potluck. I included the rest of the menu for you to view our entire spread.


Japanese Namasu (Radish Salad)
Chinese Jelly Salad with Green Bean Powder
Chinese Vegetable Salad (Cucumber, Jews Ear, and Parsley)
Chinese Pork and Prawn Dumplings with Vinegar and Chili Sauce
Korean Mixed Vegetable Egg Rolls

Japanese Chirashi Zushi (sushi)
Chinese Fried Rice
Chicken Wings with Chinese Sauce
Hong Kong Style Stir Fry Flat Noodles with Beef
Korean Style Fried Potato Noodles with Vegetables (Onion, Spinach, Carrots, and Mushrooms)

Japanese Daifuku (Japanese Rice Cake)
Hong Kong Style Mango Pudding
Korean Traditional Seaweed Crackers and Peanut Crackers

Japanese Green Tea
Korean Rice Drink

If you want to see a few photo from the event, click here!


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