Tom Thum

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November 2, 2013 by tvo320


In today’s world, with everything at our fingertips, it seems as if we have seen everything. Thankfully, it’s not true! Amazing talents, skills, and ideas are always on the brink of discovery and my latest discovery of amazing musical talent is Tom Thum. He also happens to be a local Brisbane boy! The realization of his incredible talent of beat boxing came from happenstance. He was actually a b-boy and graffiti artist prior to focusing mainly on beat boxing. Listening to him discover his new-found talent and then going for it was rousing. 


He demonstrated a lot of his ability at the TEDxSydney (the link goes to his talk) and his stage presence is just fantastic. He’s funny, quirky, and connects well with his audience. He spends a lot of time perfecting all of his various sounds and he always asks his audience to give him a sound to make. A little boy once asked him to do the sound of a dog and cat fighting under water! I wish i would have asked him to make the violin sound. His trumpet sound is superb and when I showed my nieces and nephew, they were enthralled! I love how he speaks to audiences of all ages. Thanks Tom for sharing your talent with the rest of us.


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