Second Semester Complete

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November 8, 2013 by tvo320


WOWIE ZOWIE! I have finished my last assessment for the year and I am not going back to the Duhig Library until 2014. I don’t have to stress about writing 4,000 word essays or 5,000 word case studies for a few months. Have I died and gone to heaven? I can’t believe how quickly the year has passed. The last few weeks have been horrendous in terms of reading, writing, and critically analyzing. I have been trapped in my room or the library for the past few weeks. It feels good… no GREAT to be finished!

I was enrolled in four classes which is apparently ‘FULL ON!’ One of my classmates stated that I started the program after her and will graduate before her! In all fairness, she is balancing a full time job while doing her studies.

  • New Public Management
  • Dynamics of Governance
  • Law, Policy, and Governance
  • Doing Social Policy

My favorite class was Law, Policy, and Governance! Trajce was so enthusiastic and knowledgable about the subject and made class enjoyable week in, week out. We had great debates and discussed pertinent issues going on in Australia such as the asylum seekers and the Constitution. One of my favorite articles was “Debunking the Myths about Asylum Seekers” printed by the Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education. They back up every myth with facts which is missing quite a bit in journalism and media these days. For example, one myth is that Australia already takes too many refugees. The fact is that Australia receives relatively few refugees by world standards. About 12,000 refugees were received in Australia in 2001 and that number stayed consistent for a few years even though the numbers of refugees were increasing. To break it down numerically, while Tanzania hosts one refugee for every 76 Tanzanian people, Australia hosts one refugee for every 1,583 Australian people. Food for thought!

I learned so much more in my courses and could on and on and on but I will spare you. My dear girl friends and I had not been able to have a relaxing Saturday in ages so I invited them over for apple and cinnamon pancakes with strawberries on the patio! We had the sweetest afternoon catching up over sangria and watching the most beautiful sunset before getting ready for a night on the town. Click here to see our fun photos from our night out celebrating! 2 semesters down. 1 to go.


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