BISA: The Ashes

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November 21, 2013 by tvo320

Before I moved to Australia, I was first exposed to cricket by my friend Newton. I was visiting him in India and in the evening, we would head to a hookah bar and watch cricket with his friends. Cricket is HUGE and can even be seen as a religion in some countries such as India, Sri Lanka, and England. The Ashes is a test match between Australia and England. The Brisbane test match is at The Gabba where the Brisbane Lions also play AFL. Test cricket is the longest form of cricket which means that it can last up to five days. Test matches are played between national teams of 11 players each who play a four-innings match. Due to its length, the test earns its merit by examining the teams’ ability and endurance. While most people I spoke with said spectators came to drink beer and participate in banter against one another, I had a great time learning and appreciating the sport and the rules. My friend Nina, from Sri Lanka, explained the rules clearly to me and I could enjoy the entire day of cricket!

How scoring is calculated is also an important aspect to learn and Nina taught me that a boundary is scoring four or six runs after hitting the ball. Four runs are scored if the ball bounces before going to the edge of the field while six is scored if it doesn’t bounce before passing the boundary. Luckily, Australia was having a great day when we attended. I even saw some players achieve a half century (50 runs) and century (100 runs) which was super exciting! There’s quite a bit to learn with cricket and you also need time to watch it to appreciate it. Check out the rest of our cricket photos that even include me with some of the best Australian cricket players here


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