Future Music Festival

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March 1, 2014 by tvo320

Birthday Month is starting off with a BANG!!!! March is going to be incredible in SO many ways and to start it off, I just finished an unforgettable day at Future Music Festival! My bestie Sara went to the festival last year with her sister, Vilde and they had the time of their lives. The weather was not so favorable last year as it rained and poured giving everyone in attendance the gift of mud all over them. We were so lucky this year as the weather was beautiful! We arrived in the afternoon so the sun could cool off a bit. Our first artist was Dutch DJ and producer, Chuckie! He is known for a style of music called “Dirty Dutch” that has high pitched lead synths over Latin beats. Then, we headed to ATB who is a German DJ, musician, and trance music producer. He’s been around the scene for quite some time and was rated #1 DJ on the “DJ List” in 2011. Rudimental, an English electronic music quartet performed and is famous for the well known song “Feel the Love” featuring John Newman.

The remaining artists that I saw: Phoenix, Hardwell, Cut Copy, Eric Prydz, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and deadmau5 are the reasons I wanted to go. Phoenix is one of my favorite bands in the entire world and when I saw they were coming to FMF14, I was sold. Phoenix is a French alternative rock band from Versailles. I started listening to them back in uni and their Alphabetical record was probably played 1,000,000 times during my undergraduate career. Check out “Everything is Everything” or “Run Run Run” when you get the chance. I loved their performances and lead singer Thomas Mars event went into the crowd and I touched him! Phoenix sounded great live and everyone in the crowd sang along to their songs. I only wish that my dear friend Lulu would have been with me. We discovered that we were both big fans of Phoenix!

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis reached #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 making it the first time in nearly a decade that a group hit the top without the support of a major record label. Macklemore is an American rapper and Lewis is a producer. They put on an energetic performance and Macklemore gets best and most costumes changes in a set! Cut Copy is an Australian electronic band that wants you to free your mind. They had an incredible set and will actually be in Nashville performing at Music Marathon Works on March 19th (my birthday eve!). So wish I could go and watch them again. Eric Prydz is a Swedish DJ and producer that also put on a great show. His famous song that you’ve probably heard is “Call On Me!” Having so many incredible international artists together in one place was almost music overload. Thankfully my friends and I have the capacity to take in all the awesomeness. If you need a partner to go to a music festival with, you can call on me! Check out our super fun photos from Future here!

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