Yelp: Stephanies Mountain Spa

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May 29, 2014 by tvo320


WOW! I think I just found my new favorite escape from the city spot in Brisbane. Stephanies Mountain Spa in Clear Mountain is about 40 minutes outside of Brisbane but I felt that I had escaped much further away! Yelp Brisbane took the Elite Ladies on a Day Spa Getaway and Uber Brisbane provided transport up and down the mountain. If you haven’t tried Uber out, you can download the app for free. This was my first time using the Uber app and boy was I excited when it told me that a driver had been found and en route to pick me up. When the driver has been ‘hired’ his photo, name, and rating will pop up. It will then allow for you to contact him via call or message among other things. My driver was Glen and he got out of his car to greet me and opened my door before heading to pick up Sara around the corner. He was so friendly and we had a great chat about Uber, university degrees, and the spa! We had a great experience with Glen to say the least and I will use Uber again.


We were welcomed so warmly by THE Stephanie of Stephanies Spas and her passionate staff. We had welcome champagne and the views was just incredible. I loved seeing the Glasshouse Mountains and Samsonvale Lake. It’s nearly 360 where you can see Moreton Island but I didn’t see the other half so I goes I will have to come back.

We were given tours of the facilities which include six different treatment rooms that include a triple treatment room, bordeaux VIP lounge and bath suite, steam therapy lounge, hydro swiss shower room and a sole therapy and manicure lounge. They shared with us the different packages, rewards card, and all the birthday specials coming up as Stephanies is celebrating 20 years in the business!

After all the tours, we were invited to change into robes and get ready for our treatments. We could either have a back and scalp massage or a foot and scalp massage. While we were waiting, we were offered more champagne withs strawberries, tea, orange juice, and some sweets. Naturally, we all started discussing our favorite places, telling Stephanie all about Yelp, and debating over over-rated places! Lani also gave us some Jax CoCo for hydrating purposes while we waited.

My treatment of a back and scalp massage was pretty nice and I only wish it had been longer! They have a brief consultation prior to the treatment and ask personal questions in order to understand if a certain area needs to be focused upon. I like how the rooms were set-up with dim lighting and the music created a peaceful ambience. After everyone finished with their treatments, Stephanie gathered us together to thank us for coming and gave us all gift bags to take home! All of us were so excited to learn that we had anti-wrinkle creams we could test out. The day flew by but I was able to take my mind off everything on my to do list for a few hours and enjoy the present. We all need to take a break and I couldn’t recommend a more relaxing place that has breath-taking views. I’ll leave you with a photo of where I wouldn’t mind being right now…



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