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To celebrate my 29th year, I wanted to create a list of 29 various goals that would challenge me to grow more, learn more, and travel more.  Here’s my list! Let’s hope I can accomplish everything by March 19, 2015!

  1. Visit the Great Barrier Reef
  2. Visit Perth
  3. Lost 20 lbs
  4. Become an intermediate salsa dance
  5. Make exercise routine
  6. Learn and be able to point out 20 constellations
  7. Visit Tasmania
  8. Climb the Story Bridge
  9. Visit Uluru
  10. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  11. Visit New Zealand
  12. Go on a blind date
  13. Continue to improve my Vietnamese and Japanese
  14. Read 5 leadership books
  15. Have a job/career I am passionate about
  16. Go a day without speaking
  17. Learn how to cook more Vietnamese dishes
  18. Start my novel/children’s series
  19. Make 29 random phone calls
  20. Prepare my funeral
  21. Visit Fiji
  22. Fly a plane
  23. Go on a long weekend random road trip
  24. Visit a winery in Australia
  25. Attend a burlesque class
  26. Write in my journal 30 days straight
  27. Get ordained
  28. Learn how to drive a manual
  29. Secret one! 😉

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