About Brisbane, Australia

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Population: 2,146,577

Founded: Brisbane was founded in 1824 and was meant for prisoners who were embarked to Australia.

Nickname: BrisVegas or Brissie

Origin of the Name: Brisbane was named after the New South Wales Governor Sir Thomas Brisbane. The native Indigenous groups call refer to it as a ‘place shaped as a spoke’ because of the mountainous and hilly horizon.

Time: Australian Eastern Saving Time which is 15 hours ahead from Central Standard Time in the United States. They do not observe daylight savings time.

Climate: Brisbane has a humid subtropical climate with hot and humid summers to moderately dry and warm winters. From November to March, thunderstorms are common. Average temperatures are 68-82°F in the summer, 59-77°F in the fall, 52-70°F in the winter, and 59-77°F in the spring.

Travel: Brisbane is a city for the senses; walking under impossibly blue skies around this foot-friendly city opens up a world of experiences. A well planned series of paths and bridges connect the city centre to South Bank, as well as many of our urban villages that tease the river’s edge as it bends the city, its parks and gentle skyscrapers.

Sports: Australian Football League (AFL), A-League (Soccer), National Rugby League (NRL), and Cricket

Fun Facts: Brisbane has Australia’s only beach, Streets Beach, right in the middle of the city. A man-made swimming beach that overlooks the beautiful Brisbane River and skyline. Keith Urban grew up in Caboolture, Queensland which is only about 45 minutes from Brisbane!

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